No subscription or packages offered. We keep it simple so you pay an affordable rate each appointment.

Exam $29

  • During the exam we will go over your history & complete a full exam
  • Following the exam Dr. Jamie explain his findings and how to fix the problem.
  • He will go over in detail the therapy modalities that he recommends, what the benefits of each, & the risks involved
  • Patients always have the final say. If you are uncomfortable with any of the recommendations, there are always alternative methods that Dr. Jamie will use instead.
  • Patients typically get treatment in their first appointment after the exam. X-Rays are not required. First appointment duration ranges from 45-60 minutes.

Treatment Cost $49-$74

  • Depending on the nature of the injury, treatment will cost 49-74 bucks.
  • Typically for injuries, appointments are once a week. Severe cases may require multiple appointments for the first couple weeks.
  • For maintenance and wellness care, appointments frequency is 2-4 appointments a month.
  • $49 session: 10-15 minutes Adjustment and Manual Therapy
  • $74 session: 25-30 minutes Adjustment, Manual Therapy, & Dry Needling

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