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Dr. Jamie Jakes

Founder of EZO Chiropractic


Dr. Jakes always had a passion for athletics which taught him the importance of consistency and dedication. After participating in countless sports, he found his passion for wrestling. His 11 year wrestling career led him to Alma College in his home state of Michigan, where he served as Team Captain, and earned Scholar All-American and All-American Honors. At Alma, Dr. Jakes majored in Athletic Training where he had the opportunity to treat a wide variety of sports injuries from a diverse athletic population. After graduating from Alma, Dr. Jakes moved to Dallas to attend Parker University and found his new passion: Functional Fitness. Dr. Jakes went on to graduate with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He continues to compete in Functional Fitness and spreads his love of health and fitness thru Chiropractic and Coaching at local gyms.

History of EZO

EZO Chiropractic founder, Dr. Jakes worked for a Sports Chiropractic Clinic in Dallas after graduating from Parker University. At the Sports Clinic, he learned how to get his athletes out of pain fast. He loved working with his athletes but quickly noticed some issues with the practice. One of the biggest problem was that few could afford regular care at the clinic. Many of his athletes couldn’t stick to a treatment plan because of the high cost and the intense time commitment. Those patients often decreased frequency of care or terminated care completely. They would inevitably re-injure themselves and fall back to where they started.

Dr. Jakes wanted to help more patients live an optimized, pain free life. So he parted ways with the Sports Clinic and set off to help the average Joe. He landed in a clinic who offered a subscription plan that almost all patients could afford. The services offered were limited and appointments were short. The average Joe clinic was on the other side of the spectrum of Chiropractic care. Dr. Jakes quickly noticed the patients at the average Joe practice who were not in pain and came in regularly tended to stay pain free. But patients who came in with advanced issues did not recover as fast as his patients in the Sports Clinic. That’s when he realized that he could do both. He would combine the two models so that he could make regular Chiropractic care affordable, efficient, and versatile. That’s when EZO Chiropractic was born. He wanted to both treat injuries fast and prevent future injuries thru regular maintenance care all while being affordable and time efficient. Dr. Jakes was able to accomplish this goal by creating the EZO Plans. To find out which plan is right for you, schedule a free consultation with one of our Doctors of Chiropractic today!

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